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LMS Implementation

Vignan Bindu provide LMS implementation with minimum cost and learner engagement is maximum and includes:

  • Pre-configured 5000+ courses covering sports, crafts, soft skills, Art & Crafts stimulations, with media of videos, images, text for CBSE 6th to 12th standard

  • Plugins : Attendance, Homework, Typewriter, Moodle Mobile

  • Customization of both Moodle site and Mobile App with school logo
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Moodle Hosting –
External Cloud and

Vignan Bindu helps in hosting of Moodle LMS both External Cloud and On-premise with highly reliable, cost effective, optimization, scalability, fast deployment and secure... Read More
Moodle Training Courses

Vignan Bindu provide training on Moodle Administrator Moodle Course Creation.
After completion of training, learners will have working knowledge with navigation skills in the following areas:

Blocks and NavigationAdvanced FeaturesCalendar
Site PoliciesUser AccountsUser Creation
User Roles and Systems RolesCategory ManagementCourse Enrollment Methods
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Custom branding

Vignan Bindu will help in showcasing the brand identity of the school in each and every detail to get the attention of parents and students.

Branding your LMS solution gives your students, parents and teachers a solid visual identification with impact on overall response of students to the learning programs... Read More

Vignan Bindu will provide support for ensuring smooth operation of LMS solution provided. With our functional and technical team ensures to resolve the issues with minimum downtime. ... Read More
Contact Us for LMS Solution

Vignan Bindu helps you to speedy implementation of Moodle LMS with pre-configured courses, establishing communication channel with students and parents using Customized Moodle Mobile App for notification cutting costs on your existing SMS messages.
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Contact Us:
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Why Learning Management System(LMS)?

A Learning Management (LMS) a web-based application that allows educational institutions and corporate companies to provide the target beneficiaries (Students, Employees)  with informational content consisting of Videos, Text, Audio and Image  resources. LMS is an effective and responsive way for industry experts and teachers to create, deliver, and manage their content, and monitor participation and assess performance among learners (Students, Employees).

Vignan Bindu


Why Vignan Bindu?

Vignan Bindu specialized in providing integrated learning solutions based on open source technologies.  Using Moodle™ Learning Management System Vignan Bindu has a reputation of delivering scalable, cost-effective open-source solutions in education and corporate domains.
Since 2014, Vignan Bindu  have experience in creating and  managing state of art e-learning solutions that are not only based on client’s satisfaction but are also aimed towards making teaching and learning an easy and effective process. 
Vignan World  addressing complex challenges in design and implementation of Moodle LMS and delivering solutions which are in perfect alignment with educational institutions meeting stringent quality benchmarks.

Key Features offered by Vignan Bindu

Vignan Bindu understands the role of LMS in blended environment and to meet the expectation of Schools with blended environment i.e., face to face learning in school and using LMS for further enhancement of students by giving more control over when they study. Moreover, according to recent study, 59% of teachers assert students are more motivated to learn in a blended learning environment. 

Taking into consideration Vignan Bindu offers package implementation of LMS with below key features to prepare students for the future of education.

Moodle Course Builder

Using Moodle Course creator create engaging courses with tools for collaboration, assessment, communication and eLearning content such as Assignment, Chat, Choice, Database, External Tool, Feedback, Forum, Lesson, Quiz, SCORM package, Wiki, Workshop, and resources such as Book, File, Folder, IMS content package, Label, Page, URL

Competency Management

Using Moodle LMS – Students are introduced to Competency-based learning which refers to systems of instruction, assessment, grading, and academic reporting that are based on students demonstrating that they have learned the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education.


Moodle Mobile

Moodle LMS can be accessed thru Moodle Mobile App and can be customized in different ways such as , Changing the app appearance for your site, Adding support in your plugin for the mobile app, Configuring how the app should work via Moodle site settings and Creating a custom application (with your custom name and icon) based on the Moodle Mobile code.

Communication and Collaboration

In conventional schools, students can walk up to teachers to ask them questions. Teachers can directly talk to students and inform them of any updates. Conversation is free flowing and unmediated. Using Moodle LMS communication is an integral part of learning, it’s no surprise that Moodle offers a wide range of communication tools. These aren’t limited to student-teacher discussions, there are student-student forums, parent communication channels, and more using email, Discussion Forums/Chats, Notes, Upcoming Events and Messages.

Student and Teacher On-Boarding System

With the help of Moodle we can configure Student On-Boarding, it is increasingly important as the digitization of educational institutions progresses. We will understand on-boarding needs and convert those into moodle courses to help students and staff to find their way around the learning environment.

Rich Interactive Authoring Tool

Create and add rich content inside your LMS courses. One of the great benefits of Interactive Authoring Tool is that it gives you access to lots of different interactive content types like Interactive Video, Quizzes, Hotspots, games, etc.,.

Badges and Certificates

Moodle LMS workflow includes recognize students achievement, motivate and engage students by issuing certificates and Open Badges with pre-defined conditions.


Analytics and Reports

Using Moodle plugin, various reports and  analyzis can be done and reports can be download in excel format. Reports on courses, Users reports, and Timeline reports can be generated. Even Custom SQL Reports with SQL queries.

Student and Admin Dashboards

With Moodle LMS, Dashboard is a customizable page for providing users with links to their courses and activities within them, such as unread forum posts, upcoming assignments, categories and child courses, Navigation with provision for customization by Users can customize their Dashboard.

Pre-configured courses

Since the usage of LMS takes time and probably organizing a single training might not be enough to make sure that literacy level is enough for the students to profit as much as they could from learning via a LMS. Since the teachers would serve as Subject Matter Experts, we help them to create the course content. Since eLearning is learning transferred into digital environment, the rules are also a bit different, we to take forward the implementation with pre-configured courses with  embedded content form the internet which are assessable to public different kinds of materials: photos, charts, videos, infographics. Once LMS implemented, the courses  needs to be reviewed by the School Management and if want they can use the same till Teachers create their own course content.


Moodle LMS supports industry standards of elearning. Using Moodle LMS you can Import your eLearning content for Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)  and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

Responsive Layout

Moodle LMS site will be responsive layout which means to automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge, the site, to make it look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones)

Plugins Library

Moodle LMS consists of more than 1500 plugins developed by moodle community, after exhaustively testing and finding error free and fit for the existing moodle version are selected and configured.

Website – Custom Pages

To accommodate the web pages, static information like an imprint, a faq or a contact page with the help of Moodle plugin we can display information pages which exist outside with Moodle navigation menu, and theme. The page content which can act as website and sharing information to the site visitors can be publicly accessed or available to certain users based on settings configured for the page.

Benefits of Moodle LMS

Ever since online training started to spread, the use of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) also became quite prominent. Today, there are quite a few LMS's in the market. Moodle tops the list of the 20 most popular Learning Management Systems in the world. Here are a few benefits of Moodle that make it the most popular LMS.

1. Open Source
2. Cost-effective
3. Simple Interface
4. Easy to Customize
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